San Diego, California | Pre-Conferences: November 28 & 29 | Conference: November 29 — December 2, 2023


Citizen CPR Foundation’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit is the central hub for resuscitation professionals, educators, experts, influencers and advocates, as well as the top decision makers for resuscitation products, services and information. This multi-day Summit brings together the widest array of professionals and individuals interested in connecting, learning and discussing the newest insights improving community response to sudden cardiac arrest.

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit is the 23rd international, biennial conference on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other aspects of emergency cardiovascular care (ECC). The Summit is where the widest array of resuscitation professionals – instructors, practitioners, program directors and researchers, as well as SCA survivors and community champions – come together for learning, inspiration and networking.

Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit features more than 100+ presentations from 200+ expert speakers on every link in the chain of survival!

Audience Content

This year, we bring trainers and educators better than ever content. Leaders in the field of resuscitation will present the latest science, strategy and techniques to better equip today’s trainers and educators to easily and efficiently demonstrate and share lifesaving information in any education setting.

Featured Audience: Trainers & Educators

Featured Pre-Conference: Community Resuscitation Officer – A Champion of Champions

Because nurses and physicians are on the front lines for response to in-hospital SCA, they are top of mind in the Summit 2023 program. Attendees will be able to enhance their clinical skills and become better educators through sessions that address response preparation, debriefing, post-arrest care and more.

Featured Audience: Nurses & Physicians

Featured Pre-Conferences:

Survivors, bystanders, HEARTSafe organizers and champions, administrators, city planners, motivated citizens —the resuscitation community is as impressive as it is inspiring. This community will be able to strengthen its own connections through focused programming that allows for space to learn, share and most importantly, support each other through this lifesaving work.

Featured Audience: Community & Survivors

Featured Pre-Conferences: Preparing for Cardiac Emergencies in Your Community: Project ADAM Heart Safe Workshop


EMS, fire and rescue, police officers, dispatchers and other public safety personnel are often the first responders when SCA occurs, making their continued resuscitation knowledge, training and implementation more important than ever. Summit 2023 will spend time discussing how to improve training techniques targeted to EMS, law enforcement and fire, as well as improving recognition of cardiac arrest in dispatchers. We will also highlight lifesaving applications like ECMO.

Featured Audience: 911, EMS, Fire & Law Enforcement: Public Safety Challenges & Innovations

Featured Pre-Conferences:

Inspire your teams with case studies, research and other content that reaches across the links in the chain of survival to provide out-of-the-box solutions.

Featured Track: Special Interest

Who Attends Summit?

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit only happens every two years, bringing together and strengthening every link in the chain of survival. This large and vibrant group of participants represents local, regional and national organizations. The audience is diverse and interdisciplinary in nature with educators, nurses, EMS practitioners, physicians, teachers/trainers, researchers, survivors, community advocates and others interested in advancing the implementation of CPR and ECC training. They include:
  • CPR, BLS, ALS and PALS instructors 
  • Emergency, critical care and school nurses 
  • EMS managers, chiefs, training officers and PIOs 
  • CPR and public access defibrillation program coordinators 
  • EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers and other first responders 
  • Physicians, medical directors and respiratory therapists 
  • Cardiology professionals 
  • Education program managers in hospitals
  • Educators, researchers and scientists 
  • Rescuers, community champions and athletic trainers Industry representatives 
  • Law enforcement professionals 
  • State, county and city public health officials (elected and appointed) 
  • Occupational health and safety professionals 
  • Survivors and their families, as well as support networks of those who have lost their lives to SCA 
  • Emergency telecommunicators and 911 system administrators
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